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Carotid Artery and Stroke Screening

Carotid Artery Screening as a Preventive Stroke ScreeningDid you know that 4 out of 5 people that suffer a stroke have no apparent warning signs1? Yet 80% of strokes can be prevented2.

1. American Heart Association – Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2008 Update
2. World Health Organisation –

A stroke results from the disruption of normal blood flow to the brain. The carotid arteries are the main blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. Dangerous plaque build-up in these arteries (or ‘hardening of the arteries’) can cause carotid artery disease—the leading cause of stroke.

Carodit Artery Disease Symptoms and Risk Factors

Carotid artery disease typically shows very little symptoms and develops slowly, so often it goes unnoticed until a stroke occurs. By identifying a build-up of plaque in the carotid arteries early, lifestyle changes and recommended treatments can help prevent a debilitating and potentially fatal stroke from occurring.

Risk factors for carotid artery disease include:

  • Family history of carotid artery disease or coronary artery disease
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol

Learn more about the warning signs and risk factors for carotid artery disease and stroke here.

How a Carotid Artery Screening Works

Through a stroke screening, Screen For Life will create images of the carotid arteries and measure the flow of blood through these vessels.

The procedure for a stroke screening is simple, painless and non-invasive. You will be asked to lie on your back on an examination table. After applying gel to your neck, the sonographer will perform an ultrasound scan on your neck to create images of the carotid arteries and to assess the rate of blood flow within them.

Call 1800-786-236 today to book a carotid artery screening for stroke.

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